Articles by Maureen Emerson

Maureen has also researched and published articles on the history of the Anglo American Sunny Bank Hospital in Cannes, Resistance Heroine Hélène Vagliano, Sir John Fortescue, Spitfire Pilot Richard Hillary, Eric Dunstan (‘the man with the golden voice’), Olga Khokhlova and Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna, (‘Russians of the Riviera’) and many more. They are all listed below and can be viewed on their own pages by following the links. Their main theme or feature is that they all have a connection with the Riviera in the South of France – hence the title, ‘Stories of the Riviera’.

Affair of The Hotel Martinez, CannesVIEW
Baroness Orczy - The Hungarian RivieraVIEW
Barry Dierks Villas - All of the Villas on the RivieraVIEW
Careless Consuls and Unbearable BoatsVIEW
Eric Dunstan Story - (‘the man with the golden voice’) - Including a short narrationVIEW
From Occupation to Liberation - Claude Marcus’s StoryVIEW
Hélène Vagliano - Resistance Heroine Executed by the NazisVIEW
John Fortescue - Author, Librarian and Archivist at the Royal Library,
Historian of the British Army
La Pausa - Before ChanelVIEW
La Turbie - The American RivieraVIEW
Lord Derby and the Lost Villa – ‘Villa Sansovino’, Chemin de Caldana, CannesVIEW
Occupied France – Free French JournalVIEW
Olga Stepahovna KhokhlovaVIEW
Richard Hillary - WWII RAF Spitfire PilotVIEW
Sunny Bank Hospital - 'Be ill in your own language'VIEW
The Franco American Revolution - The Birth of AmericaVIEW
The Riviera of the 1920’sVIEW
The Russian RivieraVIEW
The Scottish Riviera - The Kindness of OthersVIEW
W O Bentley and The Bentley BoysVIEW
The harbour at Villefranche – sur – Mer